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Welcome to my underground lair: Continuing Betty Andreasson's Journey

Up to this point Betty Andreasson has been taken onto what she and her investigators believe to be a spacecraft from another world by what they assume are alien beings. I of course believe that they are demonic/Satanic beings of some sort, though at this point it's too early to speculate precisely whether they are fallen angels, or demonic spirits. Yes there is a difference, go to LA Marzulli's blog and ask about it and you will get plenty of good responses. Betty was taken by these beings and subjected to a painful procedure that seemed to focus on her reproductive organs. There, these beings discovered that Betty had had a hysterectomy and apparently they weren't exactly pleased with this, but after discovering this, Betty still had much to tell her interviewers.

Page 46 -50 - There's a description and some emphasis on the tools that were used in her procedure. Page 50 her abductors seem to have a discussion, and Betty learns that they now want to measure her for procreation. The book isn't clear to me. It seems they had already examined her with needles, and had to subject her to it again because she "was missing parts" due to her hysterectomy. At any rate, Betty goes through the examination apparently twice.

Page 55 - As another phase of her abduction is under way, Betty is apparently distressed. Quazgaa waves his hands over her and she becomes more relaxed. To me, this seems similar with reiki. I am not sure, but since I do believe reiki is linked to demonic activity (find Lynn Dickie's testimony on itunes, or in the Revelations Radio archives) so it wouldn't be a surprise if she did undergo reiki at the hands of Quazgaa. If this is true, it could have had a horrible effect on Betty's Christian walk and would have also likely put her under demonic attachment at the very least.

Page 56 - Betty asks "Oh what is this about, Jesus?" She asked this as she was led back to the room to get dressed. I mention it because she mentions Jesus. I don't know what this means exaclty, other than it could be indicative of her relationship with Jesus. What does it tell us? I have no idea what was in Betty's heart or what her walk with Jesus was, but I would like to think that a Spirit filled Christian would start trying to cast these things out, or asking Jesus for help rather than trying to worry what it was about. As LA Marzulli always says: "Rebuke first, and ask questions later."

Chapter 5 finds Betty no longer in the UFO, but instead she has found her way into a tunnel or an underground type of place. The details are quite interesting, so I encourage you to check the book out for yourself.

Page 57 - 58 - Her investigators are still under the spell of the story it seems. They really believe this is an alien thing from outerspace. They hound her for details, which Betty provides. Just an interesting not about the possible motives of her investigators.

Page 59 - Inside the tunnel/underground lair, The beings lead Betty to some sort of bizarre chair, and they ask her, and then suggest for her to sit. Fowler states that they gave her an illusion of freewill in the matter. Fowler also points out that her willpower was being dominated by the beings. While Fowler believes that her ability to choose was limited, I agree to a certain extent, but I also believe that she could have resisted or refused to go along. To retierate what I've said in previous posts, If she had sincerely asked Jesus for help, or rebuked the being in the name of Christ, she would have been safe. I don't want to be too hard on Betty, as by this point her mind was under severe stress and she was ill prepared to stary with.

Page 65 - I would also like to point out at this point Betty is apparently underground and traveling via some sort of weird rail-tram system. The beings don't seem to be using the system to travel, but they are there when Betty is done riding the tram. When she see them again they now have black hoods on that cover their face. This is interesting because some people claim to be abducted by hooded beings. I'm not sure if this is what they mean, but it's interesting.

68 - 72 - Betty passes through a looking glass sort of thing, and enters a chamber filled with red light, here she sees some sort of monkey like beings that are totally unlike the "aliens" that abducted her. They creep her out, and apparently the aliens don't care for them either as they are wearing black hood to cover their faces. I don't have any real opinion on them at the minute, other than they may be illusory, or perhaps other forms of demon. Really there's no telling. Betty continues through this chamber and they enter into a chamber with green light and the beings take their hoods off.

Page 74 - As Betty moves along the track through this bizarre underground place, she sees buildings, one of which is a pyramid with white sides. It's also slightly misshapen and has a sphinx-like head on top of it. It's interesting that there's an Egyptian theme, but I don't put too much stock into it.

Betty's abduction, as strange as it was to start with, departed from the usual alien abduction when she began to tell about the underground tunnel. Many abductees to talk about being taken to an underground facility, or even into the ocean. There are some interesting theories out there about the demonic beings and fallen angels being imprisoned in the sea. This may be plausible, but I have yet to research it thoroughly. In any event, this underground place is common to many abductions, but who operates them? Are they human bases? Are they run by the demonic beings? Is it both? Is it all an illusion designed to deceive Betty and the investigators?

Betty's already strange experience becomes even more so as she encounters more beings that defy typical abductions, and also challenge my theory about the demonic angle. The one thing that can be said about Betty's experience as an abductee is that each experience is more strange than the last.

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Probing Deeper: Dissecting the Betty Andreasson Case

So having left off in the 20's pagewise, let's pick up where we left off with Ms. Andreasson.

I should retract my statement in the previous post about the similarity to Ezekiel's wheel (which was sort of quoted over at It turns out that this is not the case, as Ezekiel describes living beings (Seraphim) and the throne of the LORD. On page 25 of the "Andreasson Affair", Betty illustrated what she saw in the blue book (coincidence that there was an air force project of the same name?) because she saw this in the bottom of the UFO. She saw 3 or 4 pin like things in the bottom of the UFO that rotated around. No idea what it is, except that it doesn't really correspond with anything in the book of Ezekiel as I had previously thought.

So, moving on into new material. Betty continues to experience a typical "alien abduction." There are differences of course, but for the most part it's quite a typical scenario. I'll note where things turn weird(er).

Page 32 - It should be noted again that everything Betty recalled, and that was written in the "Andreasson Affair", was the result of a hypnotic trance. In other words, she was in an altered state of conciousness. I had a theory, perhaps Betty only briefy encountered the beings, and then later underwent hypnosis. In her altered state, perhaps she tapped into the second heaven/akashic records and was made to believe that she had experienced all of this abduction stuff. Or, perhaps she really did experience it. Either way, we probably won't know for sure, but this is just something to consider. Her trance may have led her to false experiences. Continuing on, presuming that she really did experience this.

Page 36 - Betty is forced into a changing room where a white gown is hovering. She changes into the white gown and a being escorts her out. Obviously the white is reminiscent of hospital attire, but to me, some symbolism jumped out. The white gown is perhaps a mockery of the white robes that believers in Christ will wear one day. The difference being that ours will not make us feel shame as Betty's did.

Page 37 - As soon as Betty leaves the room, the following happens.

"Outside the changing room, the entities awaited Betty. She became fearful and prayed frantically (Fowler exaggerates a bit, IMO) for help. 'Ah,' she thought to herself, 'What is all this about? What are they going to do to me?...Oh, Jesus be with me!'

The entity nearest the door seemed to sense Betty's fear:

When I said that, the leader glanced at me quickly - sort of surprised or stunned. I guess he was reading what my thoughts were, and he seemed to move a little slower. I guess he saw that I was wondering what this was all about, 'cause he said 'you'll be all right. Follow us. Please get in back of me again.' He seemed a little concerned, because he kept looking back checking to see if I was getting in back."


WOW, talk about an elephant in the room! At the moment she said/thought "Jesus" the "alien" being stopped in his track! There was a comment to last week's post that said something to the effect of aliens not knowing who Jesus was. Then why was this "alien" so stunned at the name of Jesus? Why do other "aliens" claim that they made Jesus? Or why do they just demote Him to being a great teacher? This is because "aliens" as we earthmen have experienced them thus far are nothing but the same old demoninc beings who've been harrassing us for thousands of years. In my opinion, this "alien's" reaction proves it.

Did she ask Jesus for help? This may be just semantics, but to be clear, she did not ask Jesus for help, as such. "Oh, Jesus be with me" is a far cry from either testing the spirits (1 John 4:1 - 3) or rebuking them. It is also not quite the same as crying to Jesus for help. I have confidence that if she had ordered them in the name of Jesus Christ to stop, they would have. Or if she had whole heartedly cried out, "Jesus help me!" she would have been delivered. This is my opinion, but I get the feeling that Betty intended to keep going and merely was saying this halfheartedly, and sort of in the vein that folks say "God help us" but really don't mean it as a an actual prayer.

In any event, Betty stopped this creature in his tracks by her words, even without a clear request for help or order for them to stop. "The leader glanced at me quickly - sort of surprised or stunned." He was no doubt stunned! He had already gotten her this far, for her to suddenly wake up and realize the source of her authority over the aliens, no doubt put him into a panic. Betty thought he was noticing that she wondered what what was going on, but he was probably watching her to make sure she didn't make any more trouble. He even had to ask for her to follow him again, the power of Jesus seems to have freed her from the "alien's" and he had to ask her to follow again. He needed her to give him the right (rite?) to control things again.

In any event, Chapter 3 ends, and she winds up in the examination room at the start of Chapter 4.

Page 42 - The "aliens" are now dressed in a sort of white color. Mockery again of the white in the Bible? The beings begin probing Betty (that term has taken on a humorouse edge these days, but I assure you Betty's probing was no laughing matter.) and she feels pain. A being put his hand on her forehead and said that he was "awakening" something. This is glossed over in the book, but as I read this, I wondered if perhaps if the being had opened her "third eye" which is of course a New Age term. If you want yours opened, please do not do it. The standard exam continues uncovering that Betty has had a hysterectomy, and that the beings had REMOVED a nasal implant. This implies that Betty has been abducted before.

Page 44 - 45 - This seems to be something specific to Betty's case. The beings wanted to measure Betty for light. Another detail specific to Betty, near as I can see, is that the "aliens" use a wand-like device. Quazgaa measures her for light and says something which on the surface is unusual, but when taken in light of a spiritual, and specifically Christian light (sorry, no pun intended) it makes some sense. (Emphasis mine)

"'You have not understood the word that you have,' Quazgaa told her. 'You've misunderstood some places....There are spots from it...You are not completely filled with the light.'"

Betty argues that she is filled with the light, but Quzgaa insists on measuring her. They argue back and forth, and Quazgaa tells her she has "spots" again and Betty says "I'm in complete control...control."

This is my interpretation of the above. Quazgaa seems to know that Betty should have rebuked him and called to Jesus for help and leaned on His authority to deliver her. This is what I think he means by her not being filled with the light. My thoughts are that her relationship with Christ is not right at the moment, OR that she didn't fully understand the truth that God has given her (and us) in the Bible. She didn't fully understand the word of God and hadn't filled herself with it. It seems that Quazgaa chided her for this.

Page 45 - Showcases the bias of the investigators, how they automatically assume this abduction was perpetrated by beings from another planet, when there was no evidence or even allusion that such was true. They were more interested in the doodads, and the inside of the spaceship and were blinded by their lust for knolwedge.

Page 46 - Betty says at this point that she's under control. It seems to be that she was trying to dissociate herself from the event in the abduction during hypnosis. I had initially supected that she had said this during the abduction, but perhaps this idea of her being in control is important. Perhaps not.

It seems that so far this abduction has much to do with Betty's relationship with Jesus, as well as how the beings are affected by that as well. It's not just her relationship with Christ, but also her knowledge of the Bible that seem to have been of interest to Quazgaa. Unfortunately this allowed Quazgaa much freedom to do his thing. We also don't know if Betty or anyone else had been into occult activity, so it's not easy to see why she underwent this. Still, Quazgaa knew he could have his way because my theory is that Betty was not filled with Christ, His Spirit, His word and she misunderstood and failed to apply His word. I do not know this for sure, I don't know what was going on in Betty's heart, but it's the only thing i can think of that would allow the devil to have this much power over her through this experience. And if Quazgaa opened her third eye here as well, that could have had devastating consequences if she failed to ask Jesus to get rid of that.

That's where we'll leave it for today. Things continue to grow weirder for Betty as her story continues. My theory will also be greatly challenged as well, so please stay tuned.

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Alien Abduction Autopsy: The Betty Andreasson Abduction part 1

I first heard of Betty Andreasson's abduction case in Jim Marrs' "Alien Agenda" book. What caught my interest about her case is that every time it's brought up they always mention that Betty is/was a Christian. Another curious thing is that it's touted (why do i use that word so much?) as being fairly well documented. There are also at least four books about her case by Raymond E. Fowler, each one more strange than the last. Book 1 and 3 are easily available online, but 2 & 4 are very expensive to buy.

Another interesting thing is that while Jim Marrs mentioned it, it was only briefly, and no other researcher seems to want to touch it. I've asked Allejandro Rojas via email (when he was on UFO Thinktank) what he thought of the case. I never received a reply. Though he hosts "Open Minds" Radio, there is one angle he has yet to cover, and that is the Biblical perspective of UFOs. Not to just bash Allejandro, he's not the only one ignoring this case.

So, after reading Marrs' account, I tried to find out more about Betty's case. Google turned up very little, though there is more out there now there really isn't anything that good. I don't that my treatment of it will be any better, but I want to take a look at her experience through a Biblical lense. Though I read "Watchers" first (see also the Book of Enoch for more on Watchers) I wanted to start at the beginning.

For simplicity's sake, I want to refer to the beings as aliens, because that's what they present themselves as. I truly believe that they are demonic entities presenting themselves as aliens. I am not alone in this assesment of aliens in general as Joe Jordan of CE4 Research, Guy Malone, and LA Marzulli are of the same opinion, and in fact played a large role in restoring my faith in Christ.

So, as I was reading, I just made brief notes about interesting things I found. I apologize for not putting direct quotes, but I don't have the time to do so. Not to mention I don't want to damage the book by holding it open. Instead, I will put the page number and paraphrase what I find interesting, and try to look at it Biblically. Please pray for wisdom from God before reading further, and come to your own conclusions. Everything below is from "The Andreasson Affair" by Raymond E. Fowler. It is not an especially well written, but the information it contains is quite fascinating.

The following is a breakdown of chapters 1 & 2. Betty Andreasson and her family were watching TV, and suddenly they saw a pinkish light, and then everyone but Betty was frozen in time. Then she witnessed a procession of "aliens" come through the solid door as though they were not physical beings.

Pg 2 – 3: Establishes Betty’s Christian faith. It does not describe her faith in detail, other than she went to church and read Bible stories. It also establishes that much of what Betty remembers of her abduction was learned from hypnosis. More on hypnosis later.

Page 8: Fowler decided that they needed to unlock Betty Andreasson’s memories of the abduction events. He then referred back to Betty and Barney Hill, widely held to be the first abduction case in America. Hypnosis was used extensively to obtain details about the Hill abduction. (The Hill story is also said to have a number of inconsistencies. Joe Montaldo ICAR researcher/host for “UFO Undercover” contends that the inconsistencies can be explained by multiple abductions. That's a story for another day.)

Joe Jordan of CE4 Research (, former MUFON investigator has stated in interviews that hypnosis can quite possibly open up spiritual doorways, which leads me to believe that abductions would become more intense or happen more frequently. Later on Betty’s experiences (Watchers) become even more bizarre and frightening, sort of proving my point. Joe has said before that relying on the Holy Spirit to reveal details as necessary is how he helps council abductees, and this does not allow demons to enter the way hypnosis does, for obvious reasons.

Hypnosis is essentially being put into a trance, or an altered state of consciousness. In my own studies, being in an altered state of consciousness opens one up to a wide variety of demonic activity. In this state, people have seen spirits, UFOs, the future (imperfect usually), or other beings. These altered states were brought on by: Qi Gong, meditation, contemplative prayer (probably), and channeling just to name a few. Avoid practicing those.

Page 13: The “alien” beings essentially “phased” through her door the way that ghosts are able to in the movies. Betty, under hypnosis recalls that several beings came through her door in this manner. The beings that entered were the typical grey aliens. These ones were clad in suits of some type that seem to differ from other accounts of greys. Betty also mentions later on that the skin of these beings looks like clay.

Betty stated that they must have been angels mainly because Jesus was able to walk through doors and walls. (I don't believe the Bible said that He walked through the walls, though He likely could have. The event she may be referring to is when Christ, post resurrection, appeared in the closed, locked room) In any event, she thought these beings to be angels, because in her mind they had abilities equal to what she thought Christ had been able to do. Ray Fowler dismissed this theory altogether as part of her Christian worldview.

Page 15- 16: The lead alien named Quazgaa seemed to indicate to Betty that he wanted something to eat, she eventually learned that he wanted to ingest “knowledge tried by fire.” Curiously, Betty took the aliens into the living room, where family was frozen in time, and she gave him her Bible. Then Quazgaa gave her a thin book in return. Betty’s Bible seemed to duplicate itself and materialize in the hands of the other aliens. An interesting note was that the Bible they all held was thicker.

My opinion on that is that they wanted to give the impression there were things left out of the Bible so as to discredit it. It’s also a dazzling, shocking event, but it doesn’t necessarily have any substance to it. It would be very easy for a demon to make it look like a Bible was duplicated, without having anything of importance actually happen. The book they gave her also seems to be a trick of the same sort.

Page 17: Betty described the alien as looking like a “clay man.” This is interesting to me as it brings to mind the Prague Golem, a creature made of clay. I find this curious because it seems like something Aleister Crowley might have tried to make, and indeed he had a contact with a spiritual entity that looked like a gray alien. Not sure if there’s any connection, or even if making a golem is possible, but it’s something to think about. Did Crowley make golems? Is it just to crazy? Betty mentions several times on page 18 that they look like they are made of clay, so in my mind this clay-likeness must be important.

In the "Watchers" book, she does not describe them this way, but rather more as a human that has undergone various changes.

Page 18 – 19: The investigators were asking Betty questions while she was under hypnosis. Some of them appear to be leading (in my opinion). Perhaps I’m grasping at straws on this one, but it just jumped out at me. Betty also said they were scary.

Page 20: Becky Andreasson (Betty's daughter) gives her terror filled account of the same events Betty experienced. She was also scared.

Page 21: Betty looked in the blue book that Quazgaa gave her, and she describes the following. “I saw this silver gray-top thing with, like coils-and there was this sort of a wheel, and inside were four things. I can’t make out what these things are...”

To me this is reminiscent of Ezekiel’s wheel that is often quoted by ancient astronaut proponents. The difference being that many AA theorists think the angels described by Ezekiel are aliens. I would like to turn the tables (and of course it’s not my original idea) that maybe the aliens are really fallen angels. I hate to step out on this limb. It is pure speculation, my theory is that maybe there were fallen angels of a similar variety to the Ezekiel type, or perhaps there were other fallen angels mimicking that form and they maybe were involved with the Andreasson case. Perhaps they wanted to allude to the Ezekiel angels to imply that those angels were aliens, and discredit the Bible.

In any event, the description is not exact, but vaguely similar and she only saw it in the alien book, so it is speculation of the purest form.

Here is a link to the description of the angels in Ezekiel.

Page 22: The crucial piece of Betty’s experiences. If she had responded correctly here, perhaps everything would have stopped altogether and there would be no books about Betty Andreasson or her abduction.

The aliens wanted Betty to follow them. It seems that in order for them to take her, some sort of permission was required. This jibes with what Joe Jordan, LA Marzulli, Lynn Dickie and others say, in that these demonic beings need a legal rite, or permission on some level to conduct their illicit affairs. At this point, Betty was not under their power.

The beings asked “Would you follow us”

Betty replied “Are you of God?”

This exchange went back and forth for a bit, Betty indicated that if they were here to help, and were of God, then she would go with them. She then said “Do not deceive me.”

The beings had no reply other than “Follow us.” At this point, they were able to over power Betty’s will to a point and she prayed for God to show her the way, and she seemingly followed them. At no point did she ask Jesus for help, nor did she ask God in the name of Jesus to help or guide her. I think this is an important detail. Without Jesus, or appealing to God through Jesus, none of us have any hope. Only through Jesus, may we have access to the Father.

LA Marzulli, UFO researcher indicates that testing the spirits is VERY important. He often quotes 1 John 4:1 -4:3 as a way to test the spirits, should the need arise. He claims that asking a spirit if Jesus Christ came in the flesh is the surest way to test them. Apparently, they cannot answer this truthfully. See verse 4:2. I have not put this to the test, and I honestly hope and pray that I never will, but it seems as though it would make sense to me. I have however had demonic attack (sleep paralysis) stop when I asked Jesus Christ for help, thus proving that they must obey Jesus Christ.

1 John 4:1 – 4:3

4:1 - Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.

4:2 - This is the way to find out if they have the Spirit of God: If a prophet acknowledges that Jesus Christ became a human being, that person has the Spirit of God.

4:3 - If a prophet does not acknowledge Jesus, that person is not from God. Such a person has the spirit of the Antichrist. You have heard that he is going to come into the world, and he is already here.

If Betty had asked this instead of asking if they are of God, things may have turned out quite differently for Betty. Additionally, If Betty, as a Christian, would have told them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, they would have had to leave. Joe Jordan has HUNDREDS of documented cases on his CE4 research webpage that prove that Christians have been able to stop alien abduction by asking Christ for help, or rebuking the “aliens” in the name of Jesus Christ.

Based on Joe Jordan's (and other's) research, aliens are demonic beings, and thus subject to the authority of Christ. Jesus has authority over ALL things, this includes “aliens,” and all things except God the father.

1 Corinthians 15:27 – 28

Luke 10:22

Hebrews 2:8, 9, 14

2:14 - Because God's children are human beings--made of flesh and blood--Jesus also became flesh and blood by being born in human form. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could he break the power of the Devil, who had the power of death.

Ephesians 1:22

And since the Bible tells us we have become co-heirs with Christ, and are given authority, through Christ over demons.

Luke 10:19, 20

10:19 - And I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.

10:20 - But don't rejoice just because evil spirits obey you; rejoice because your names are registered as citizens of heaven."

But what if using the name of Jesus doesn't work? What then? I would ask a few things. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you accepted Him as savior? Do you believe He paid the price for our sin, died, and was resurrected? Are you a true Christian with sin in your life? If these things are not right in your life, demons will not obey. Also look through the FAQs ( here.

Right out of the gate, it's quite clear to me that Betty Andreasson is dealing with demons. It is not something that's easy to see. She missed it herself! Who would think right off that something that looks "alien" may not actually be alien, but a demon? I was deceived myself for some time on this matter.

A case that seemingly put a kink in the aliens are demon theory can now be seen for what it was. Afterall, if Betty is a Christian, how did demons (playing aliens) get away with this? No doubt many UFO researchers could point to this case and say that Christians have no authority over abductions, they are wrong about the demon thing. But even in the first two chapters, it's easy to see where Betty dropped the ball. The rest of her family did as well, as some of them give their account of what happened as well. She may have been saved, but she was ill prepared for the spiritual battle she became part of. It's sad to say, but the modern church is in a similar spot right now.

Here is where Betty went wrong, just in the first two chapters. 1) She did not rely on Jesus. Either to help her escape, or as a way to test the spirits. 2) She took the being at face value, assuming him to be an angel. Even so, she should have tested him. Thus far, she has not said anything about alien, that presumption was the supposition of the researchers. 3) She asked God for wisdom, but not in the name of Christ. 4) She asked the being, nonchalantly, if he were of God, and not to deceive her. She did not claim her Christ given authority. 5) She was scared of the beings. The angels in the Bible did cause fear in people, but they always said to "Fear not." The beings Betty met, did nothing to ease the fear they caused.

Angel or alien? The evidence so far is ambiguous if you just look at the straight evidence. Beings entered, froze everyone in time, and displayed a few dazzling lights. Fowler and the other researchers present it as an alien abduction and even discount Betty's Christian explanation. Though the beings up until chapter 2 have done nothing to unequivocally reveal their origin, I think the case can be made that Betty was abducted by demons as easily aliens. Afterall, if Fowler and the others can assert their view that she was taken by aliens, why not a case for demons?

Next time, part 2. Chapter 3 - ?